Is off-campus lunch possible?


Rigo Arevalo

Students eat lunch on campus at Miramar.

Uriel Ramirez, Staff Writer

Should students be able to leave the school campus to buy lunch? This is a question students ask all the time.

Some school staff don’t like the idea because when a student walks inside the gates in the morning they become the staff and teachers’ responsibility until they leave at the end of the day. So if anything happens to the students throughout the day, the teachers and staff are responsible for what happens. If students are able to go outside and something happens to them when they are outside, then the teachers are to blame and that will look bad for the school. That is why schools are against this idea.

But students think it’s a good idea. Most students don’t like school lunches, so they don’t eat.

School lunch “looks unsatisfying to eat. Doesn’t looks appealing,” said junior Diane Rosales.

Other students go even farther.

“I got sick after eating the lunch,” said junior Zeiny Santana.

Students said they would prefer going and buying lunch to eat instead of only having school lunch.

One student suggested that the school could make off-campus lunch a perk like VIP lunch is now, available only to students with good grades and above 1000 points.

“If they trust that person, they can go out to buy lunch,” said Diane Rosales.

Principal Mrs. Pineda Conde said that administrators have taken students off campus for lunch in the past as a reward. She said they would consider this again in the future.

“It takes time to think about how it affects other people,” said Mrs. Pineda Conde. “It’s not impossible, we just need to think about the law about school lunch about how much fat, salt, and sugar.”