Something Smells and It Seems to be The Smell!

Something Smells and It Seems to be The Smell!

Rokee Pedro, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered where the underground music scene in LA is? Well right in downtown in an alley on 3rd and Main lies an underground world of artists who perform their music weekly. The best part? All the concerts are just 5 dollars unless stated otherwise at their website . The venue is located on 247 S. Main St, and is located in an alley that seems sketchy and smelly. But that’s all part of the experience.

The attractiveness of this venue is the fact that you can discover new music and have a good time for a small price. Worst comes to worst, if you don’t like the bands, you don’t have to feel bad because you only paid 5 dollars. Having fun and discovering new music, what more can one ask for?

You can always feel free to come to the venue if you have time. Most of the concerts usually take place on days closer to the end of the week like Thursday and Friday, as well as the weekend.

In a city with so many people you can always find exciting and entertaining things to do. There is opportunity for fun just around every corner. The Smell is just one of the many places that LA has to offer where you can find interesting and different people and things than those of which you may have become accustomed to. It is good to break one’s comfort zone for an experience that can be worthwhile.