Camino Alumni Opens Up: Eva Serratos Acosta on College Readiness

Camino Alumni Opens Up: Eva Serratos Acosta on College Readiness

Jacob Serratos Acosta, Staff Writer

Interview is edited for clarity

What was your favorite thing about going to Camino?

My favorite thing about Camino was the people because there are teachers who genuinely care about you and your learning.

Do you think Camino was helpful in getting into college?

Yes it did help prepare me for college, but I don’t think it prepared me enough. I feel like it prepared me for the work and quantity of it I was to receive. But I felt like I was falling behind on the material specifically what I was learning, I felt like I was learning about things I had never heard before even though I should have been taught them.

Do you think Camino prepared you for college? If not why?

What I mean when I say I wasn’t prepared enough i mean that college is a bit more difficult than the expectations set by Camino. One time I was given almost 4 times as much work as the previous day before and even the old work was pretty hard so I believe I was not prepared nearly enough as I should have.

How well do you think you are doing in college?

I think I’m doing well enough to pass.

Do you think you could reach your goal in college? Why or Why not?

Besides the unpreparedness I feel like I’ll reach my goal of graduating from college and finding my dream career.

Would you recommend Camino to other people going to high school?

Yes I would even though the school had a few problems in the past. Like how sometimes we did not have enough teachers to teach our students but that issue has long since been fixed. Even though there are more problems, I’m sure they will be resolved in the future and maybe be even better.

What do you think graduates from Camino will become? What type of job roles?

I think they will become activists or people who will make an effort to improve their community such as lawyers or politicians.

Do you think Camino Nuevo Miramar graduates will become successful?

I’m certain they will be influential in the future and make a positive impact.

What do you recommend for those still attending Miramar?

I recommend that they keep pushing even thought the work may be hard and sometimes they might want to give up, that they endure it and push forward.