Electronic Use vs. the Electronic Itself


Marcelo Rivas

Melissa Vega, Staff Writer

Electronics themselves can be beneficial for humans, but they can also be harmful to our society. In the past there were not iPhones, iPads, or other electronic devices, and to be honest, people in the past lived their life working, hunting, and going to the outside world. Throughout time, that lifestyle has changed as the evolution of tech expands.

With a lack of electricity, the way of life of people in the past was difficult. They had to spend a lot of time working and making things by hand.  Yet it was worth it because they were active.

Compared to the past, today’s way of life is easier. We have things that were not provided in the past, and this is a relief, but we also take advantage of what we have now. The devices that are making our way of life productive are also harming our society.

For example, at our school, students are addicted to their phones. A notification pops up on the screen, and the students immediately distract themselves from their learning. Students are wasting their time staring at a screen, instead of focusing on the real world.

Think about the experience of making friends. When you make a friend online, your emotions are hidden behind a screen, and you can’t express yourself. When you meet a friend in real life, you can see their expressions, their emotional state, the way they are, if they are fake or a true friend.

On the other hand, electronics can be beneficial to students’ learning. Students can go online and search a question instead of having to wait for the teacher to help. Classwork is mostly done on the computer, so you don’t have to spend time writing by hand and rewriting.

Overall, students should use their devices wisely because it will impact them in ways that we still can’t explain or understand. Although it may seem trivial, the phone has the potential to impact students’ education, making them less knowledgeable and making their future less predictable. You should control your phone, not the other way around.