End-of-Year Projects: Pain or Potential?

End-of-Year Projects: Pain or Potential?

Marcelo Rivas

Camino Nuevo’s end-of-year projects can be a pain to students. We spend the week researching and writing when we would rather be getting ready for the summer. They can seem like a way for teachers to finish grading more than anything else. Sometimes the end-of-year projects are said to help students in raising their grades, but in my case, I didn’t really see a change in my grades.

However, the end-of-year projects can actually be a compelling way to end the school year. Last year was my first year doing them, so I can’t talk for any upperclassmen when I say this, but the projects let me work with and get closer to new people.

The end of year projects as a freshman at first seemed like a joke, but in reality they serve a greater purpose. We teach ourselves something that we find interesting and that is connected to us in some way. Having to work independently helps us to be more accountable. We learn to not only fix problems independently but to count on someone who might know what we don’t.

Although the end of year projects for freshman is intended to be a solo project, it helps us connect more with fellow peers with whom we may have never connected to begin with. It’s an astounding way for us to improve our communication and leadership skills.  

Overall, to the freshman who are worried about what end-of-year projects will be like: Don’t stress it too much. Be you and be free. Take the end of year projects as a way to further prove yourself as whatever you want to be.