The Power of Nature

Rokee Pedro


The sounds of cold air passing through your hair, filling your lungs and cells with clean air. Rustling leaves play symphonies and running streams sing soft melodies that can hum you to sleep. This is nature in it’s beauty, more specifically, this is the woods. Where small creatures live under rotting trunks and big creatures roam the frontier like guardians of a lost land. If you stop and listen you can hear your own heartbeat naturally synchronizing with the drumbeat of the world. The vibrations of the earth travel through your feet and up into your head, seeping through your mind and secreting out into the world around you. The trees will listen. They are neither good nor bad, but they are. There was and is no reason for them to grow, but still, there they are, standing tall amongst each other, a silent army, protectors of the true world whose infinite wisdom can never be replicated. Fields and meadows filled with flowers and grass that seem to stretch on for miles. Breathe and be present, that’s all you need when you’re in nature.