Student Opinions and School Requirements Collide at Lunch


Rigo Arevalo

Students eat lunch on campus at Miramar.

Cristal De La Luz, Staff Writer

Students rely on the school lunch to maintain a full stomach in school grounds. Some students, however, don’t tend to eat the school lunch on the daily basis.

Some students consider the food “okay” but wish they were given more options to enjoy.

Briana Diaz, grade 12, said she wishes that options were less limited. “I wish there would be more vegetarian and vegan food because I don’t eat meat,” Briana said.

Another senior, Angela Martinez, stated she wished there was more fruit because it’s something many students like. “I like when they give fruits and vegetables and prefer them to the actual food, but in order to get them I need to get the food,” Angela said.

The truth is the school lunch program has guidelines they must follow. According to the California Education Code Section 49550, it is a requirement for schools to make available, free or at a reduced price, a nutritionally adequate meal for each student every school day. In other words, we cannot change our food to items that aren’t nutritious and healthy. But students can make a change in the school lunch when they communicate to our food clerk Ms. Ramirez that they enjoy a meal more than another one. Then she can request it more.

At Camino Nuevo we are offered Revolution foods. According to their website, they are one of the best food programs. Students might not think that because they are not used to the food we are provided. But the food we are given, according to Revolution Foods, is chef crafted by professionals and inspired by the youth. What you have eaten during school hours has been liked by many kids throughout the U.S. The quality that goes into our food is one of the best, as stated in the Revolution website, they partner with a variety of local and regional vendors that are high quality standards.

“On Average 156-180 students eat school lunch,” said Ms. Ramirez. “When it’s Domino’s, we typically get roughly around 220-230.”

Students do enjoy some food provided by Revolution Foods.

“The school lunch isn’t that bad,” Briana said. “I like the hot dogs, cheese ravioli, and the pupusas.”

Vanessa Alvarez and Diana Estrada conducted research for this article.