Supporting Music in School

By Johanna Valle, Staff Writer

Listening to music in class should be allowed. Having music playing while working does not affect most people, instead it actually helps them. Listening to music is a form of concentration to most people. Many teacher do not allow their students to listen to music because they believe it is a distraction. Some teachers play music without lyrics to try and help but students mostly think it is annoying because it is not what they enjoy. Therefore, music should be allowed to students who show they do not get distracted.

Many teachers do not let their students listen to music because they believe students are doing something else other than listening to music. Although some students are, most of them are not. In the article, “Student’s thoughts on listening to music in school,” Danielle Flannigan points out, “Teachers have problems with the use of iPods because they think that kids may be using them to cheat and get answers from a friend more simply and easily.” Teachers who believe students are doing something else rather than listening to music, should set rules that they believe will help.

There are many students who use music as a form of comfort. While a student is listening to music they can focus on their work while the music is playing as a background noise or distraction which causes them to concentrate. Danielle Flanigan states, “For the people who can’t keep their minds off the fight they got into with their best friend the night before or family issues, music seems to be the perfect solution to their problems.” It is better to let people deal with their own problems how they want to, and if music is a way they deal with it, then they should be able to listen to music. Music should be available whenever because it can be a cause of distraction for those who need it.

Teachers know music helps some students concentrate, which is why they sometimes play some for the entire class. Everyone has different music taste, some people concentrate with certain type of music, while others find it distracting. People will say it is unfair only one student is listening to the music which then the teacher would have to explain it is something they talked to them personally about which can probably be embarrassing to the person. Some people find it unfair having to explain their problems on order to listen to music. Instead, teachers should support the idea of listening to music in class.