Parents and teachers celebrate Family Night


Mrs. Smith-Quiñonez meets with families in her classroom.

Zeiny Santana and Luis Davila

Parents and teachers were excited to meet each other at Family Night on Thursday, August 22.

“Me emociona que voy a conocer al los maestros,” said Idalia Rivas, parent of a senior.

Ms. Rivas said she was very excited to meet the new teachers on Family Night. She explained how it is important to meet the new teachers and said she loved the way some teachers got together and presented as a whole to introduce themselves to the parents. 

However, she said she was upset that some teachers decided to do one on one with the parents, like parent conference style. 

“Estamos esperando,” Ms. Rivas said. “Siento que no aprovechan el tiempo.”

The teachers also said they were very excited to meet the parents of their new students.

“I like meeting the parents I haven’t met yet, especially for my juniors,” said Michael Casey, history teacher. 

Family Night is meant for both parents and teachers to interact with each other, introduce the class, and discuss what is best for the student’s future.

Jose Dominguez, parent of a senior, said that the teachers at Miramar actually care about the students and have dramatically helped his son out in his education. 

“Están haciendo un buen trabajo,” said Mr. Dominguez.

Ethnic Studies teacher Ron Espiritu was very excited to meet new parents. He said he was able to learn about new cultures and the students’ background. “A minute ago I met a new family from Chiapas, and I got to learn about their culture,” he said.