New Year, New Schedule


Students work on Achieve 3000 in Period 3A.

With the start of a new year, there are some changes to the school that come along. The new period 3 A/B schedule change makes it so that we have period 3A on mondays and 3B on thursdays (each class is 87min. long).

Some students are feeling weird about the new change. “Being in the same class for an extra half hour feels exhausting,” said sophomore David Avonce. “It feels different from last year.”

Some on the other hand believe that there are good sides to the new schedule change, like having more time to work on in-class assignments.

“I feel like it’s good because it gives us more time to do class work,” said Hamilton Diaz, a sophomore at Miramar. “It helps me finish my work in class and not have a lot of homework.”

As time goes on here at school, students adapt to the changes and accept the new change presented to them each year. The students here at Miramar High School said they will be able to adapt to changes in their everyday lives inside and outside of school.

“I had trouble for the first couple of days in the new schedule, but I got used to it,” said Joshua Villamarin, a sophomore. “It makes more sense when you repeat it everyday.”