Meet our new college counselor


Azucena Odilon

Mr. Jimenez sits with students at lunchtime.

Mr. Jimenez  our new college counselor, is both an outdoor and indoor person who was born and raised in the Valley but never really knew much about Downtown Los Angeles. He only knew downtown by visiting local restaurants and local  areas. 

“In my personal time, I like anything that has the word board in it,” said Mr. Jimenez. “I still do. So I still skateboard, snowboard, surfboard, play board games too,” he said. 

This year, Mr. Jimenez  hopes to incorporate all of his skills and knowledge to do a good job at this school. He also hopes to see positive growth and change. 

“I want to be able to help as many students here to succeed academically,” Jimenez said. “I like coming here because everybody is so much fun and so cool and I like playing basketball during lunch and playing FIFA with students after school.”