Register to vote by the end of THIS WEEK!


Azucena Odilon, Photo Editor

Mr. Casey’s class is a place to learn about voting.

Brian Poblete and Angel Munoz

Many Miramar students will be eligible to vote and make a life-changing decision this year, yet most students say they have unclear information about how to do it and when to do it.

Senior Micaela Zarat Heradez said she is worried about the outcome of the election but not sure how to affect it. 

She is “not able to do much about it since I do not understand much about it,” Zarat Hernandez said. “I have researched a little about it and learned some what on AP Government class.”

Another student said that he is concerned about his family when he thinks about the upcoming election.

“Mi familia no tiene papeles y pues tiene miedo que les pueda pasar algo o que puedan ser deportados y eso me afecta mucho porque no se que haria sin ellos,” said the student, who asked to remain anonymous.

Many Miramar seniors who will be eligible to vote in the Democratic primary in March and the general election next November said they did not know much about the process of registering. If students are going to vote, here is some information about how to register.

-You can pre-register at this site  if you are 16 or over. You will need your California ID/Drivers’ License number or the last four digits of your Social Security number.

-The Democratic primary is Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Everyone who votes in the primary must be registered by February 15, 2020.

– It’s a good idea to bring an I.D. or papers with your image and name, and/or  bills and papers that verify your current address, just in case of any problems. 

In order to pre-register to vote, the applicant must be at least 16. To start voting, the applicant must be 18 at the time of the general election in November 2020. Any adult citizen of the U.S. is eligible to vote.