The Debate Over the School Uniform Policy


Students have mixed feelings about the uniform at Miramar.

Elder Lopez and Derick Gonzalez

The use of the school uniform throughout the school year at Camino Nuevo is highly questioned and mentioned throughout the student body. 

In this case it may seem that most students are against the uniform, but on the other hand, a partial part of the students are along in supporting it. We held an investigation and decided to interview a couple students in our school that presented their opinions towards the school uniform policy. 

Many students said they don’t mind the uniform policy since there is no other option.

“I don’t even mind the uniform policy and I’m good with it,” said freshman Giovanni Ruiz. 

Senior Edwin Escalante agreed. “Not really, using the polos are OK.”

Erikson Alvarez said, “I honestly don’t like the uniform policy, but I put it on anyway.”

For the second question we asked for suggestions on improving the uniform.

Kevin Preciado responded, “I’m not sure, I guess make it more comfortable or a different style or color.”

On the other hand, others feel the opposite way towards the uniform policy and demand a change for their comfort. 

“I don’t like it at all, because it does not let me show my fashion,” said junior Kevin Donis.  “The material is very uncomfortable because it’s not smooth. I need some soft material on my skin. We should definitely remove [the uniform policy].”