Meet our new Athletic Director: Mr. Lopez


Itzel Mendoza

Mr. Lopez is our new athletic director.

Luis Davila, Sports Editor

Originally born in Guatemala, Mr.Lopez arrived in the U.S at age 13 in 1994. He attended Bell High School and participated in various sports such as track, cross-country, soccer, and football. 

After high school he received a scholarship for running to attend Cal Poly Pomona. Sadly he suffered a broken femur, but it didn’t stop him from continuing with school and studied kinesiology. 

In 2013, Mr.Lopez began to work at Camino Nuevo Kayne Siart. He worked there until he moved to Miramar this year.

He said that he hadn’t heard great things about Miramar at first. “People were telling me it was a bad school, that it was small and the kids were bad, but I was proven wrong,” he said.

 I later asked him about his hopes for our soccer team and he told me, ¨My hope is that every senior has the opportunity to try out for a college or a university.”

“I like his attitude about the team and everything he has told us he has planned,” said 12th grader Kevin Dominguez.

Lopez also hopes to build a strong community through sports. ¨I hope with sports we are able to produce great leaders and make students be proud of being Miramar Wolves,” he said.

Mr. Lopez also hopes to expand the sports programs to more than just soccer and hopes to have at least 2 sports a year for the school years to come.