Losing Kobe


Ashley Salinas

Many basketball players at Miramar mourned the death of Kobe Bryant.

Ashley Salinas, Student Life Editor

Many students were sad when Kobe Bryant, a popular basketball player, died on January 26, 2020. At school the next day, students paid their respects on a memorial near the basketball court in the upper quad.

Victor Corioriles, a sophomore who loves to play basketball and was a big fan of Kobe, said when he found out, “I thought it was fake, and unreal, and I just couldn’t believe that he died since he was 40 and he still had a life to to life for and he was like a legend, and I heard his daughter died as well, which was more upsetting because she was going to pass down the legacy.”

Junior Ulises Berber said that he was also really sad because he grew up watching Kobe play basketball. “He’s my hero,” Ulises said. “It’s sad that he died with his daughter.”

Other students said celebrity deaths are given too much importance. Sophomore Alan Calderon reflected, “People die every day and you don’t see anybody caring. Just cause he’s famous, that makes a difference?”