Students Critique School

Benjamin Sanchez  appreciates the

Benjamin Sanchez appreciates the “positive vibe” at Miramar.

Aaron Alimboyoguen, Yareli Aguilar, and Hailey Murillo

As the school year advances, underclassmen report that their experiences are going well overall, but with some problems.

Natalie Palacios, a freshman, stated that she enjoys the people and the atmosphere of the school. Something she dislikes is that we have to ask to use Miguel Contreras’s field. 

Freshman Benjamin Sanchez agreed that the people bring a positive vibe and said he would like to get to know them more. “I want to get closer to everyone, this school should add more bonding time with upperclassmen,” he said.

Sophomore Jonathan Andrade said he liked his courseload this year. “I enjoy that teachers are not assigning multiple homework assignments, but rather focus on learning at school.”

Brenda Ventura said that she wished there were more activities. “The school should provide us with going to more field trips, not only college but fun non-educational ones,” Brenda said.

Johanna Valle said she would change the schedule from blocks, but there are other things she enjoys. “I do like how small this school is,” Johanna said.