“We are a place that is a model for other schools:” an Interview with Our New CEO


Azucena Odilon

Zeiny Santana interviews Mrs. Abish

Zeiny Santana, News Editor

Adriana Abich, the new CEO of Camino Nuevo schools, says “we are a place that is a model for other schools.” Her goal is to have every student do something beyond high school. 

Ms. Abich’s background is Cuban and Nicaraguan, and outside her work she enjoys making crafts with her Cricut. 

Growing up Ms. Abich was involved in sports such as basketball and volleyball. She was also a Baton Twirler from age six to about sixteen. The last two years of high school she was a cheerleader. She currently does not play sports, but she enjoys swimming and running on the treadmill.

Ms. Abich attended UCLA as an undergraduate, where many teachers from Camino Nuevo schools also attended.

In her new job, she says she feels like a “researcher,” trying to get to know schools, students, teachers, etc.

What called her to the CEO position is serving [email protected], because she is also Latina, and she loves kids. “Kids are first for me,” she says.

She believes the CEO position was a step up from her prior work. “It was an opportunity for me to grow, and to try something that I wanted to do, but haven’t been able to own doing.”

She used to work as a superintendent for five years, and managed nine schools. She coached leaders such as principals, assistant principals, and deans. Abich observed students, and made sure they were “making things challenging for kids.”

In her previous job she was doing policy work. She made sure our schools were “safe havens for students and families when there were ice raids, or DACA issues to deportation.”

Ms. Abich wants to build different pathways to college to make it “easier and accessible” for students. 

She went to every Camino Nuevo School to meet the teachers, and says that “they are so smart and so passionate about the work that they are doing.” What she loves about Camino Nuevo teachers is that they are so “connected,” and that “they’re family.”

Miramar Principal Ms.Pineda Conde says she is hopeful about what Ms. Abich will be able to accomplish.

“My hope for Adriana’s leadership is that she is able to guide Camino Nuevo through a political landscape that is not very friendly to charters and to have Camino Nuevo continue to be the school that serves the whole child and that can do so with excellent academic outcomes.”