A Student with the Motivation to Change


Elder Lopez

Oscar Herrera is a student who has changed a lot during his time at Miramar.

Elder Lopez and Derick Gonzalez, Staff Writers

Throughout our years in high school, we have noticed a surprising change in our friend and classmate, Oscar Herrera, who has steadily grown as an individual and student overall. 

We decided to interview him about how he sees his change and the reasons behind it.

“My change has motivated me to do better in school,” Oscar said. During the start of high school, Oscar was known for his humor and immature actions with other friends, although,that has changed. 

“Outside of school my persona has changed,” Oscar said. “In freshman year I came as this immature kid. Over the time I opened my eyes into reflecting over my actions and I started to mature more over time.”

At the end of sophomore year, Oscar joined a local cadet program that required him to follow orders and participate in exercises that push him to his limits.

“I have now been a part of a cadet program that shows me discipline and other ways to become a better person and life in general,” Oscar said.

Oscar’s friends also noticed the change in him.

Junior Kevin Hernandez said, ”I noticed that in freshman year he was more distracted and childish. Now he is more mature and uniformed as a person.” 

Junior Santos Chay Chiroy described how “in freshman year [Oscar]was less interested in school. This led him to be distracted and after going to the cadet program he was more mature and obedient. He was more focused in school. This can inspire others if someone feels like they can’t change, because you can.”