Coronavirus: Threat or No Big Deal?


Itzel Mendoza

Experts say that washing your hands can prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Zeiny Santana, News Editor

The Coronavirus has recently been a huge media hype. Some people have been afraid, while others have brushed it off.

The Coronavirus is an infectious disease that was first identified in Wuhan, China. Its symptoms include cough and fever, like a normal cold. As of today, there have been 811 deaths outside of the U.S. and 37,198 cases in China, according to Market Watch.

Senior Ialdo Flores says, “China is doing a good job of keeping it in secluded areas and quarantined areas.”

The virus has been in China for quite some time now, but it has now reached the United States. It caused the death of a man in his 70s who died in Washington as a result of this virus. There was another death in Seattle, and 10 confirmed cases, in Seattle as well, of the coronavirus according to an NPR article.

In a recent interview with Mr.Matsumoto, a math teacher, he said, “I feel like this virus is kind of similar to how the media is presenting like Ebola virus, couple years ago, or Zika virus, Swine flu. All these kinds of diseases pop up once in a while, and after a couple months everyone forgets about it.” 

He continues to say, “I have a feeling that in a couple months this is just gonna stay quiet. I think people shouldn’t be too worried about the Coronavirus, people should be more worried about the actual flu here cause it’s killed already like over 8,000 people.” 

Some ways to prevent getting the coronavirus or any virus is by continuously washing your hands, cleaning your mobile device with alcohol wipes, and wearing face masks to prevent the spread of germs. 

The CEO of Camino Nuevo Schools, Adriana Abish sent out an email saying, “As we learn more about this virus and its spread, our schools will continue to share information and take the necessary precautions to ensure that all staff and students are safe. We sent families a letter today with similar preventative measures. Thank you for your support.”