Miramar Wrestling Season Recap


The Miramar wrestling team had a great season.

Luis Davila, Sports Editor

The 2019/20 wrestling season at Miramar has ended and it was a success. Miramar Wrestling attended 3 different tournaments as well as multiple dual meets. The existence of the team was something new to everyone at school, considering that the only sports teams Miramar had previously had were soccer and basketball.

When asked what got him interested in wrestling, Jose Vargas, a senior and one of the captains of the wrestling team, said he was intrigued by “slamming people down and getting some anger release.”

Many of the wrestlers felt like they experienced a lot of personal improvement. “Wrestling helped me,” Jose said. “I feel like my endurance too always keeps on fighting.”

The Miramar team’s first tournament was the “Beat the Streets Legacy Tournament.”  The eventual team leader in wins, Ivan Islas, won his first Bronze medal there, making him the first to ever win a medal for wrestling in Miramar history. Zeiny Santana grabbed two wins and Esteban Hernandez grabbed three in the same tournament.

Miramar also hosted dual and tri meets at home. The team got their first ever meet victory in their first Dual meet against Diego Rivera, where Ivan Islas got the first ever Miramar win. Jose Vargas started his career off with a win in the same meet. Then Torres High School traveled to Miramar, where Luis Davila, another captain of the team, secured the win for the team after getting the last pin to secure Miramar a two-point win.

Then came the Arroyo High School boys tournament. Ivan Islas again grabbed a medal, but this time Miramar’s first-ever silver medal. Junior Saul Almazan also had an impressive tournament, grabbing a silver medal in his first-ever wrestling tournament. Kevin Dominguez had the biggest comeback of the season, going down 7 points and coming back to get a pin in the last 2 seconds.

The Lady Aztecs tournament was the final tournament of the season. This was an all-girls tournament where Zeiny Santana and Jeanne  grabbed wins.

Wilson was Miramar’s next dual-meet victory, where another team captain, Zeiny Santana, grabbed the fastest pin in Miramar history at 13 seconds. 

Overall the season was a success.It surpassed the expectations of many and ended up attracting much more attention than expected, ending with a record of 4 wins – 5 losses.