More Options To Vote in 2020

Uriel Ramirez, Staff Writer

Can’t make up your mind voting in the short time you have on election day? It’s okay, because now we have election week! Now that we’ve entered 2020, there are new ways to vote in California. According to Los Angeles Magazine, “the term ‘election day’ no longer applies. Instead, it’s something like ‘election week-plus,’ as Angelenos have a whopping 11 days to cast a ballot in person.” 

Instead of voting at one assigned place, there are now vote centers, including one located in the Miguel Contreras auditorium on 3rd Street. There will also be electronic voting now instead of voting booths. Joel Vaca, the community school coordinator at Miguel Contreras, states that “electronic voting is faster and more efficient and less time consuming,” but he isn’t all the way on board with this idea because he also states there is “risk of getting hacked.” 

Mr. Vaca said Miramar students are welcome to vote at the voting center at MC. You need to be 18 or older with a California ID to vote and you can register to vote in person at any voting place. 

Assistant Principal Ms. Diaz thinks a week to vote is “really good, at least for me as a person who works so much.” Ms. Diaz added, “It makes it easier to vote.” 

Ms. Diaz said she was also excited but cautious about the new voting options. “Electronic voting is a good idea. I am confident enough to use the technology, but I hope the paper version is still an option for the elderly people to do it since they might not be up to date with technology.” 

“It’s cool that it’s a week long so people who work have time to vote,” said senior Jacob Serratos. He is only a few days away from being old enough to vote, he said.