SRLA Students Complete the Marathon


Photo courtesy Ms. DeQuiroz

The 2020 Miramar SRLA Team prepares to run the marathon.

Derick Gonzalez and Elder Lopez

The annual Los Angeles Marathon occurred this Sunday. Thousands of runners came out to the streets of Los Angeles in a long and drastic 26.2 mile run from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica. 

Sixteen Miramar runners represented our school and themselves in this mental and physical challenge. We spoke to three runners from the team to hear their thoughts and opinions towards the run. 

Senior Jonathan Garcia, who finished first of all the Miramar runners, said the race was exhausting. “To me, I think this was a mental challenge, because it clearly takes a lot of effort to complete something like this,” Jonathan said.

Senior Misraim Velasquez agreed that the race was a challenge. “I wanted to cry, I wanted to die, but most importantly, I was proud of myself,” Misraim said.

Senior Micaela Zarat shared her commitment to running and completing the race. “My friends and I agreed to do this in the beginning and we decided to commit to the end.”