The New Teacher in Town


Itzel Mendoza

Ms. Guerrero began teaching English 10 and 12 at Miramar this winter.

Laly Hernandez and Donna Diaz

Ms. Guerrero is the new English teacher who came in to the open arms of Miramar students this January. When coming into Miramar, her impressions of the students was that they have strong voices and they’re very different from each other. 

“The students are what stood out the most,” Ms. Guerrero said. “You guys were all so different , you were very fun and different from other places I’ve been to.” 

Mrs. Guerrero expressed that she loves Miramar for its sense of community. In her eyes, the thing that stands out the most about Miramar is that the staff is very dedicated to the kids and their jobs. Most of the staff has checked in with her and helped with adjusting to teaching at Miramar. She added that the counselors here at Miramar are very nice and are always there to help. 

Tenth grader Jose Chavarria said he appreciates Ms. Guerrero. “She is a very relaxed teacher, but can be stern at times when needed,” Jose said. “Her patience is incredible. Since she came to this school, I have learned more than last semester.”