Living History

Andrew Crespin, Staff Writer

I wake to drawn out days with no seeming end. It’s begun to feel like time is frozen with no advance to the right path. The days begin to feel more and more drawn out slowly. I awake with no clear goal or ambition. Many seem to take on projects to calm their racing minds from what has now become normal to us. But to what extent must we continue this facade. A week, a month, a year?

No one knows, but hope is the one thing we cling to. A society which was once drawn out and unfamiliar has now become unified and codependent. We slowly become more and more like a community. Like a family which we all once were, a society who respects one another and their inevitable needs. We fear not what we don’t know but rather the ever growing mass hysteria. “How did it ever get this far?” we ask ourselves.

People begin to slowly protect themselves more and more as they wish to continue their old lives. But just how much can we withstand before becoming insane. With more and more becoming diseased we fear for our elderly and our youth. We know not of the roaming healed but only of the many fallen. Paranoia has officially struck my household. How can we keep ourselves safe while still continuing to strive towards our goals? Or will life continue at a standstill?

The only gift which truly was unbeknownst to many was friendship. For many, it may have solidified or restarted. But truly it’s a gift from God, a way for us to restart fresh and begin to create beautiful connections which may not have been possible if life continued. For example, I have reconnected friendships far and wide through music and online gaming in a manner which might’ve been impossible had life continued at its usual speed. But through the gift of friendship, can we finally slow our lives down to focus on what matters? If together we keep our heads up, we can gradually make the impossible possible.  If we believe, that is…