Advice from Quarantine

Yareli Aguilar, Staff Writer

It’s been months since mine and everyone’s else’s lives have been flipped upside down. I’m still trying to adapt to this new way of life. Although this pandemic has brought many scary and negative feelings into this world, it has also taught us a very powerful lesson. Now more than ever, we are learning to be grateful for the simple things, and we begin to regret all the times we took for granted. Simple things like giving a loved one a hug or simply just being able to attend school, all these memories and daily activities now become a thing of the past, and it has shown us how quickly things can change. During this Coronavirus I’ve learned so many different aspects of life and have learned to not only appreciate more things for what they are but also how ugly this world can become and how us human beings can decide to turn our backs on each other even when we need each other the most. 

During this quarantine I have felt very unsettled. So many of my daily activities have changed; it all certainly just feels like a movie. This experience is so hard to adapt to because I know many of us haven’t ever experienced anything like this or even close to this. With this uncertainty comes panic and fear, many people have taken their panic and fear and compulsively bought 20 rolls of toilet paper or 20 cases of water bottles. With this I have seen so many human beings fighting one another for a roll of toilet paper, and it brings me to think how much worse we’re making this experience by just turning our backs on each other. Instead of building each other up we tear each other down and I think this will all serve as a lesson about the decency we should have with one another.

At times it can feel lonely during all this chaos in the world because all we see is the negative but no positive news. With all this bad news I’ve decided to stay away from the news channels because often news channels decide to just showcase the bad and ugly rather than the good. During this time I feel as if we should try to turn anything into something positive, see this as an opportunity to unite with your family or simply care for yourself. The fear you are feeling is an emotion that is totally valid but we need to learn to control that fear and see things through a different lens. Stay safe, and 6 feet away!