Miramar Stay-At-Home Diaries


Raul Munguia Garcia:

I haven’t been going to school since Monday 3/16/20. At first I was excited that I would be able to sleep a little bit more and I would spend more time in my house with my dogs. I was planning stuff to do during the two weeks that we were going to be out of school. The first week I started waking up around 9 a.m. I would feed my dogs, eat breakfast and do homework for a couple hours. After that I would start doing my chores in my house and eat lunch, watch TV, and play with my dogs in the yard or take them on a walk. 

After the first week I wanted to go back to school, because I was really bored and I missed some of my friends.”

— Raul Munguia Garcia

After the first week I wanted to go back to school, because I was really bored and I missed some of my friends. Each day I would watch the news to see if there was anything new about the Coronavirus and I would also check my school website to see if there was any news. On the weekend I went with my brother to Costco to buy groceries for the week. When we got to Costco there were a lot of people and some parts of the store were almost empty. In the second week I kept doing the same thing I did the first week.

Honestly, when I saw that they extended the time that school was going to be closed, I got a little bit sad because I already wanted to go back to school and I was also sad because that meant I couldn’t see any of my friends. For the rest of the time that I would not be attending to school I’m going to keep doing the things I have been doing since the first day, but I’m going to look for new shows to watch on Netflix, probably keep texting my friends, and hope that things can get back to normal fast and they don’t extend the time of being out of school again.

Kris Jimenez:

Since I’m stuck at home because of the coronavirus, my daily routine has changed. I wake up late around 9:00 a.m., then get ready to go eat breakfast, do some homework, and then paint or clean. I will go to sleep till 11 or 12 and then repeat. There have also been changes outside. As we know, LA is very known for having so much traffic but ever since the announcement that we should stay at home there really isn’t much traffic on the freeways. Also many businesses have closed or are not letting people dine-in. They are only letting people get delivery or go to pick up their food. To me the coronavirus isn’t something very serious so I’m not really panicking, I’m just staying calm.

Emilio Francisco:

Today was like a day off for me, I didn’t really have anything to do. I completed some of my homework earlier so I decided to play some video games. Once I got bored with playing on my Switch I decided to read my light novel. Lately I’ve been really interested in a series called Rising of the Shield Hero. It’s originally a web novel from Japan, but a light novel company is translating it and selling it in other countries. I got through some pages and finished a chapter, then after that I put the book down and finished the rest of my homework. I went hiking at a mountain trail near the Griffith Park Observatory. It was really tiring because it took us a bit over an hour to climb to the top of the mountain. It was mostly steep climbs but thankfully for the way back the path was somewhat simple. It took some time, but we got down to the observatory for a break and then we took the road back. That was mostly what my day was, very simple, since I didn’t have anything to do. I just spent my time doing a variety of things. 

In terms of my life outside of school, it hasn’t changed much.”

— Emilio Francisco

Lately in my community, nothing has really been happening, I don’t go outside unless it’s necessary or I go for a walk. Nothing good or bad has happened in the area I live so at least I don’t have to worry about my health being in danger. In terms of my life outside of school, it hasn’t changed much. The only difference is that now I have to stay at home for school and take a couple of things off my schedule. My days go by relatively quickly because I don’t have much to do at my house. The news has been more about people not following guidelines lately because of the opening of many parks and mountain trails. I see that the news covers that some parks are being closed again and that people are going out of their houses without using face masks. All I hope is that the virus doesn’t get out of hand because people are starting to ignore social distancing guidelines.