Stop Stepping On Me

Raul Munguia Garcia, Staff Writer

I’m known as a minority. The system,

The authority they step on my rights

I don’t have any privileges, they look at me wrong

They get scared when they see me

I’m the one that they blame when something is missing

Guns pointing at my face but now we are use to it

They take advantage of us and they always act on impulse

They always shoot us because they are protecting their lives

They killed my family and then they tell me they are criminals

I can’t do anything, I better stay calm 

It’s better if I don’t move too fast or they kill me too

They step on my rights, my family and me 

That’s the world we livin’ now

Where they beat you and arrest you 

It’s just me, I’m unarmed, but there’s 

Seven guns aiming at my face

And I scream, I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!


They still beat me and arrest me 

Oh they made a mistake I just matched

A description too bad I can’t do anything

About it, it’s how the system works, 

They don’t care about us,

Entire groups prepared to kill us and hunt us down

I have to protect me and my family but I’m not a thread

I just want to breathe

Stop killing us 

Stop stepping on our rights

Stop stepping on us