Should People Go To Sports Games During the Pandemic?


Karla Avalos

Jeremiah Menjivar, Staff Writer

Across the country there are very different rules about attending sports events. People go to these sports events knowing that they could get infected with the virus, but some people don’t care. If people were to go to sporting events then the rules should be for everyone to be 6 feet apart from the other person. The lowest risk you can have when watching a sports event is to watch it at home or online with people in your household. The highest risk is when you’re not wearing a mask, and people are yelling at the games, sitting next to each other with masks on, and sharing their food with other people. If you are going to attend the sports event, then make sure to wear a mask. You should not interact with a lot of people because when you interact with them, that makes it a higher risk of you getting the virus. 

In some cases it’s better to stay home. If you’re sick and you have to go practice because you’re on a team, then just practice in your backyard because that’s a low risk of you getting sick. Use of hand sanitizers and masks, disinfecting equipment and surfaces, screening, preventing overcrowding and, where possible, shortening the duration of the event are recommended. People must also consider the risks associated with fans gathering outside of the stadiums to watch the games and celebrate. Maurizio Barbeschi, a World Health Organization expert, said “Even if you only have the teams, staff, and journalists present, there will still be a lot of tourism associated with events, fans sitting in pubs, going to the streets, so you cannot be taking a mass gathering decision in sporting events without thinking about these broader risks.” Some sports like college football are still closed for safety reasons. 

Dr. Anne Rimoin, an infectious disease epidemiologist from UCLA, says people may be moving too fast when it comes to attending games because they get too excited to see players play. Dr. Rimoin said: “I think in the short term, until we have a real handle on this virus, until we are in front of it, we’re not going to be able to safely enjoy physically being at a sporting event as a spectator … We’re in a situation where the risk is just too high, and we have to remember that there’s a cost to everything. We have to really think about what’s important to us right now and where our priorities are.” People want to get back to their normal lives but they can’t because of the pandemic and because some people aren’t following the rules. Sports are really important to some people. Some people need a return to normalcy, and time out of their homes to go to these sports games to cheer on their favorite team like they did before the pandemic.They risk their lives just to go see the games, but for them the feeling of normalcy is worth it. 

People who started to go to the sports games now have to take precautions. They have to start to wear masks, they have to stay away from big crowds. People wouldn’t want to interact with other fans or players and players wouldn’t want to interact with fans.

Karla Avalos