Political Analysis: The Pandemic’s Effect on the 2020 Presidential Election


Lea Peraza Flores

Christian Garcia Veliz, Staff Writer

The pandemic has affected people in several ways, but the intensity increased after the results of the election. The 2020 election decides the path our country is going to take in the upcoming year as Joe Biden is president-elect. Several people are worried about the route the economy is going to take, and other people are concerned that the president-elect will provide them what they need. Now that Joe Biden is president-elect, people want to see if he will fulfill their needs. Joe Biden’s priorities are to restrain the Covid-19 pandemic, rebuild alliances, the climate, focus on well-being and the economy. These are promises the people are awaiting with eagerness, but will he manage to fulfill all his goals, or were they a strategy to get the presidency? While the people of the United States are expecting his takeover in January, what events led to his victory? 

His appearances in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were essential to his triumph for the presidency. These were states that previously voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and their support changed over four years. Biden confidently demonstrated that he would make a change in the United States, his effort to save democracy and help the people. What also further helped Biden was that everyone knew Trump and what he did for the nation. They believed that he wasn’t providing what they needed over the four years. The race was so close that either one could have taken the victory; the pandemic was a factor Trump didn’t take seriously. 

Michael Casey, the government teacher at Camino Nuevo High School Miramar, stated that the pandemic helped Biden to win the election. During the interview, Casey asserted that “had this pandemic not happened, our current sitting President Trump would have a much better chance of winning the election.” His response to the pandemic was “mediocre at its best” because they had no national plan, according to Casey. Trump’s decisions lead to “hundreds of thousands of deaths” that affected the direction the election took. Biden took advantage of the situation as he stepped in and promised the support that Donald Trump didn’t provide. As a result, several of Trump’s supporters turned on him and began to support Biden throughout his campaign. Mr. Casey also stated that Trump’s plan left several people unemployed and “directly affected the election,” causing them to change “how they felt about Trump.” The consequences of these actions left the door open for Biden to take the win and become president-elect. Many anxiously wait for Biden to take over; the people want to see his plan in action, then the United States will see if he fulfills his promises in the upcoming four years.

Overall, we have seen that Trump made critical mistakes that cost him the presidency. After the election, in his immaturity, he made several attempts to invalidate ballots that put him in ridicule, further motivating people to side with Biden. Biden got the upper hand and is now on the way to become the 46th president of the United States of American; the people are awaiting his arrival to the seat. If the Democrats win the Senate in the Georgia runoff, they will be able to help achieve President Biden’s goals, but if the Republicans win, it will make it hard for Biden to fulfill his words, which will disappoint his followers. Only then, the people of the United States will be able to see if bringing Biden to the presidency was deserving of their support and effort.